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Stephanie Terrace Condominiums

15000 SW Farmington Rd. Beaverton, Oregon 97007



Our Association is run by its Board of Director with the assistance of our management company, Superior Community Management. However, no board or management company can take care of all the tasks needed to keep our homes and investments looking spruced up and well cared for. If you have some time to help out, we could use your help. Special skills like computer or web expertise, construction, working with vendors or skilled trades people are often needed. But just having time to replace light bulbs, survey the grounds for things that need to be done or cases where rules are being violated, helping to distribute notices, etc. are a big help. If you would like to be involved with decision making for the complex, we are always looking for people interested in serving on the Board. If any of these activities appeal to you or you have any other idea that you would like to pursue to help out, please contact the Board via the Contact tab on the website or by calling Superior at 503.684.1832.